Monday, March 12, 2007

Confusing Your Counterstrike Opponent

When you are fighting someone, the number one thing they will assume you will always do is. Shoot, run behind the wall, and pop back out 1 second later to fire again. This is a flawed strategy.

First because it requires no thought to determine where you will be next and second, because your opponent is already aiming for you when you appear which fundamentally puts you at a disadvantage.

The first step is to never appear in the same place twice in a row. This way, your opponent never knows where you will be before you appear in that spot. If you decide you just want to get one more shot off and are completely sure you can win the round if you just appear for a quick second then do this. Instead of walking into gunfire (which is what you will do if you come around that corner) confuse your opponent first. Jump facing at a 90 degree angle away from your opponent. This will make it look like you are heading for a flank or at least trying to run. Your opponent will readjust their aim before firing and attempt to shot ahead of you to stop you. When you lad, instantly turn and face your opponent and wet him with his own blood. This works 100% of the time when pulled off correctly.

The smarter thing to do is to head for the furtherst spot away from your opponent. This way, you force him to come to you and the rule is… whoever is running, has the worst aim. Make a point to never head to the same spots or in the same routes over and over again, randomness is your friend. The more random you are, the more confused your opponent will be.

If you have a shotgun and see the chance to switch it up, do it. Change weapons as frequently as possible. This will make you deadlier because you opponent will assume you have a certain weapon and you can surprise him with a short range or long range weapon when the time requires. The element of surprise is worth its weight in gold. If you see them and they don’t see you, hit them with one round to get them to change directions, then flank them for the kill.

Positioning is also a major confusing factor. Most people stay low or always go high, be random. Go high and low randomly, have your opponent thinking you play a certain way and then completely change it up and catch them for guard completely. Sometimes it’s good to act like a newbie and let your opponent think you suck just to feel them out. Camp, then don’t camp randomly. This will make your opponent think you don’t have any skills, but the trick is to surprise him when he least expects it and be waiting for him right where he has shown you he will appear over and over. Most players will do the same thing over and over so, just a little randomness will cause a great deal of confusion very quickly.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Strategic Strafing

The number one thing you can do to confuse your opponent is strafe. But the most powerful way to strafe involves more than just using the left and right strafing buttons. When you are in a gunfight and you need to reload or, you find yourself face to face with 2 or more business ends of rifles or other weapons, you need to either make a quick getaway or do some serious dodging. The best way to dodge bullets from 2 or more opponents is to use a technique I call strategic strafing. This is the process of combining strafing with dodging.

Now, this is not as simple as dodging as you think bullets are going to come flying, because we assure you, the bullets are faster than you are. This is the process of confusing your opponent so he doesn’t know where to shot. The goal here is to make your opponent think you are running away or just plain old unpredictable. This is comparable to jumping in a low-grav game and waving your mouse back and fourth while strafing. The only difference is you will remain on the ground to complete this move. When you are facing your opponent your surface area is large. Thus, your opponents have more target and will miss less. This is part of the reason this tactic works so well, but that is only a very small part. The best part about this tactic is you only use the strafe buttons to keep momentum. You don’t use the strafe buttons to actually move yourself (see Advanced Counterstrike Movement Tactics.)

Your first movement is to turn at a 90 degree angle of your opponent, then (keeping your momentum) switch to the forward arrow button. Then do the reverse and run in the other direction. This will of course need to be practiced to get the flow of it down, but, when you master this tactic, your opponent will not know which direction you are going in and will have a very hard time following your movements. If you find yourself face to face with your opponent and they are clearly attempting to aim and put and as many bullets into you as possible, you need to remember one thing…keep moving. Do not stop moving and attempt to win the gunfight. Your main objective is to move faster than their hand and never allow any of their bullets to hit you. You will do this by strafing around them in a semi-circle. The movement to the side as well and moving close to them will create the illusion that you are moving directly toward them and will throw their aim off considerably. If possible, get completely behind your opponent and finish the job without ever being touched by one of their bullets (nice pwnage.) If you are running down a hallway, use the strafe buttons to sway from wall to wall while never losing momentum. This will enable you to quickly move if an opponent appears and begins firing before he has taken the time to aim accurately.


Counterstrike Walling

Ever been called a hacker? Good! That’s because you are good! And, because you know something they don’t. The number one thing you can do that will get you called a hacker, thus, win more…is walling.

There are a few levels of walling that will make you virtually invisible. Looking for feet and the ‘business’ ends of guns around corners is basic walling. If you can see an opponent’s foot, you know where his body is and you know what to do after that. If you are in the middle of a gunfight and your opponent runs around the corner, don’t try and follow him with bullets. Start shooting and aim in front of where he should be running, then aim for the upper body and keep firing until he’s dead. If just one bullet hits him, he will be stopped and the following bullets will finish him off. This way, no one can run from you (pat yourself on the back and start calling yourself Rambo.) Before you come around any corner, quickly fire 1 or 2 rounds at the edge of the corner. If an opponent is coming around the corner at the same time you are, a bullet will slow their momentum down and disorient them momentarily. This will give you just enough time to come around the corner at top speed for a quick kill.

Some players will do what is called noob walling. This comes in two forms. The first is standing up against a wall where opponents will commonly attack from, and simply unload clip after clip until they are killed (which they usually are because this is stupid for many reasons.) That is stupid because, if more than one opponent is coming around the wall, you cannot stop them all at the same time and two, you look really dumb. The second type of noob walling is firing in the general direction of you opponents the moment you are spawned to life. This also looks stupid and if you happen to land an accidental kill, you will not have earned it and your overall respect level will drop significantly.

If you are in a fight and find that you have the high ground on your opponent, use this to take a wall based headshot. The headshot will be relevantly easy because being that you have the upper angle on your opponent, you will be naturally inclined to do a headshot. You simply need to find your opponent. To do this, jump and move around until you locate your opponent. Once you find them, do one final jump to aim and when you land, fire through the wall and get the job done. Your opponent will never know what hit em.

The best weapon to wall with is a high caliber weapon. Anything with large ammo will do more damage coming through brick or wood or ice. I suggest walling with the AWP or Machine gun if possible. The other weapons may take 7 to 15 bullets to do a single kill with the wall slowing the bullets down.


Advanced Counterstrike Aiming Tactics

There is only one way to hit a target… aim! That sounds easier than it really is. When you have someone shooting back at you, and often you are moving while trying to aim at your opponent, it can get challenging.

When you come into contact with an opponent in counterstrike and you both have seen each other at nearly the same time, you need to think of this moment as an old fashion western gun fight. Now you have two choices, you can pull the trigger and hope one of the many bullets you throw at them hit your opponent, but… there is a better way. Take .5 seconds and aim for the upper body, it takes 1 to 3 bullets to kill your opponent in the upper body and 3 to 8 bullets if you hit them below the waist. So if you don’t hit them in the head, you will at least kill them much faster than if you hit them below the waist. And, since this is a fight to the death, you definitely want to kill them before they kill you.

Now, if you are running, you need to be ready to hit your opponent at all times. Most of your opponents will run, and when they see you, they will aim and attempt to kill you. But, if you want to have the upper hand, you need to take one crucial step out of that equation. While running, you need to be constantly guessing where you opponents will be. That way, if your opponent does appear from around that corner. You will have about a .2 to .5 second head start on shooting. This can mean you squeeze off 1 to 3 rounds before you opponent fires a single round.

When you are firing, your gun will move depending on the type of gun and how you are firing the rounds. So, when you are firing, pay close attention to where the bullets are landing. If you see the bullets going somewhere other than into your opponent stop firing for a brief moment. Just enough for your scope to realign, and then put enough bullets into your opponents to claim a kill and move onto your next conquest.

When you really want to confuse your opponent you need to ad a jump to your motion. But when you jump, you need to do something special while you aim. If you want to hit your opponent while you jump you have to pull the trigger before you hit the climax of your jump. Once you begin falling, you have absolutely no control over where your bullets will go. So, you have to aim--jump--shoot in the same motion or at least very close to being one motion. This will stun or if you are lucky, kill your opponent and give you time to land and finish the job if necessary.

It also helps to make the crosshair translucent, this way you can see your target, bullets and exactly where you are aiming more closely, and more accurately. Most importantly, take your time, careful aiming before you begin shooting is the most powerful way to wet your opponents with their own blood. When you are moving, your crosshair gets bigger; this is letting you know that your aim is going to be off. So, when you see an enemy, stop for a moment and let your crosshair get small. This way you have perfect aim while you take your opponents head off. But, most times you don’t want to just stand there while your opponent fires more rounds at you simultaneously. So here is what you do.

When you see your opponent, begin aiming, at the same time, stop pressing your motion arrow (this will cause you to loose momentum, but not too much, just enough for your crosshair to adjust) then strafe in either direction. When you strafe, there is a brief pause, this pause before your momentum is gained, gives you just enough time to squeeze off a highly targeted round or two.


Advanced Counterstrike Movement Tactics

Unlike most first person shooter games, counterstrike is based on physical reality and all that encompasses it. The number one reason this is important to realize is, in counterstrike Inertia makes the rules.

INERTIA - The property of matter by which it retains its state of rest or its velocity along a straight line so long as it is not acted upon by an external force.

What that means in noob terms is… “once you start moving, you don’t stop unless something slows you down.”

What can slow you down? There are 5 major ways to get slowed down.

First, you can get shot, although this may seem obvious, it only takes a single bullet to put you or your unfortunate counterstrike opponent in their preverbal place. If you are hit by even a single bullet, you will instantly stop. This is good to remember against those strafe happy opponents and the opponents who love to instantly run around corners just as the gunfight gets started.

The second way you can be slowed down is to not press a directional arrow. Now, this also may sound simple, but if you want to keep moving fast, simply keep your finger on the direction ional arrow. Now, here’s the secret to really put the pedal to the medal. If you want to keep momentum and change directions, simply add a strafe to the direction you are traveling, then keep the strafe button down and in the same motion, take your finger off of the forward direction and put in the reverse direction. You see, counterstrike only sees that your momentum didn’t change; inertia doesn’t recognize that you have actually changed directions. Perfect this movement and you will baffle your opponents at how much faster you seem to be moving than them.

Third and also an obvious observation, walls or any obstruction you fail to dodge will slow you down, sometimes to an instant stop. You have to strafe around all corners. If you do not clear a corner completely, you will get caught, and if you are looking to get somewhere fast, getting slowed down by the wall is not a good idea.

The fourth way you can get slowed down is by jumping. When you jump, you land. What goes up, bla, bla, bla. When you land you are forced to readjust your step which causes you to slow down briefly which causes you to regain your momentum.

And finally your teammates can slow you down, this is called blocking. And I would like this to be punishable by public fraging but, that’s not the way it works. If you notice when you come into contact with a teammate, it is the same as if you hit a wall, you will immediately be slowed down, or worse, stopped. To avoid this from happening, look around, when the game begins, look around and see where everyone is. Once you know your teammates locations, keep an eye on them and make sure you both aren’t trying to occupy the same space.

When you are in a gun fight sometimes you want to get out of the area quick. If you want to retreat to reload or just run… don’t strafe out of there. When you are facing your opponent, you are a wider target. If you attempt to strafe out of his target area, you will be easy to hit because of your size. If you want to run away, quickly turn the direction you want to run and run forward in that direction. This will make your body a much smaller target because your side is much smaller than your front. This is equal to standing sideways in karate instead of standing with your entire front facing your opponent. The less he has to aim for, the better your defense.


Introduction To The Counterstrike Guru

Introduction To The Counterstrike Guru

Let me start by letting you know that I am just like you. I have worked a regular job. I went through school. And I play Counterstrike to release stress and for entertainment. I have been multiplayer gamming since the first inception of Doom back in the early 90s. Since then I have spend hours daily playing online games such as: Duke Nukem, Wofenstein, Quake and many more.

I began just like you did… a newbie. I sucked. Slowly, as time progresed, I got better and better. Now, I have earned a title few can honestly call them selves… Elite. I don’t consider myself elite because I am the best. I am simply better than you. Which brings me to why you are here… you are here because you want to be as good as me and possibly the best.

Have you ever played against an opponent who seemed to be so good, that it appeared that he had a special power in the game or at worst was just plain old cheating? That’s why you’re here. Here, I will teach you step by step, exactly how I became so good, and how I have managed to stay that good for years.

I will teach you how I won thousands and thousands of dollars playing counterstrike in various clubs, klans and tournaments.

All I ask in return, is… a challenge. I want you to apply the skills I will teach you here, and get good enough to challenge me to a fight. Rarely do I encounter anyone as good as myself and my hope is to bring the overall skill level of counterstrike up a Notch.

Read my lessons, learn from my skills, and enjoy!