Sunday, March 11, 2007

Introduction To The Counterstrike Guru

Introduction To The Counterstrike Guru

Let me start by letting you know that I am just like you. I have worked a regular job. I went through school. And I play Counterstrike to release stress and for entertainment. I have been multiplayer gamming since the first inception of Doom back in the early 90s. Since then I have spend hours daily playing online games such as: Duke Nukem, Wofenstein, Quake and many more.

I began just like you did… a newbie. I sucked. Slowly, as time progresed, I got better and better. Now, I have earned a title few can honestly call them selves… Elite. I don’t consider myself elite because I am the best. I am simply better than you. Which brings me to why you are here… you are here because you want to be as good as me and possibly the best.

Have you ever played against an opponent who seemed to be so good, that it appeared that he had a special power in the game or at worst was just plain old cheating? That’s why you’re here. Here, I will teach you step by step, exactly how I became so good, and how I have managed to stay that good for years.

I will teach you how I won thousands and thousands of dollars playing counterstrike in various clubs, klans and tournaments.

All I ask in return, is… a challenge. I want you to apply the skills I will teach you here, and get good enough to challenge me to a fight. Rarely do I encounter anyone as good as myself and my hope is to bring the overall skill level of counterstrike up a Notch.

Read my lessons, learn from my skills, and enjoy!



Jessie said...

Got any vids?

Professional Blogger said...

No vids yet...

sriram said...

how can i challenge you

Black Feathers said...

Hi counterstrike guru, I am a writer who is writing a novel based upon Counter strike. Need some help for some research purpose. Will you help me out?