Sunday, March 11, 2007

Strategic Strafing

The number one thing you can do to confuse your opponent is strafe. But the most powerful way to strafe involves more than just using the left and right strafing buttons. When you are in a gunfight and you need to reload or, you find yourself face to face with 2 or more business ends of rifles or other weapons, you need to either make a quick getaway or do some serious dodging. The best way to dodge bullets from 2 or more opponents is to use a technique I call strategic strafing. This is the process of combining strafing with dodging.

Now, this is not as simple as dodging as you think bullets are going to come flying, because we assure you, the bullets are faster than you are. This is the process of confusing your opponent so he doesn’t know where to shot. The goal here is to make your opponent think you are running away or just plain old unpredictable. This is comparable to jumping in a low-grav game and waving your mouse back and fourth while strafing. The only difference is you will remain on the ground to complete this move. When you are facing your opponent your surface area is large. Thus, your opponents have more target and will miss less. This is part of the reason this tactic works so well, but that is only a very small part. The best part about this tactic is you only use the strafe buttons to keep momentum. You don’t use the strafe buttons to actually move yourself (see Advanced Counterstrike Movement Tactics.)

Your first movement is to turn at a 90 degree angle of your opponent, then (keeping your momentum) switch to the forward arrow button. Then do the reverse and run in the other direction. This will of course need to be practiced to get the flow of it down, but, when you master this tactic, your opponent will not know which direction you are going in and will have a very hard time following your movements. If you find yourself face to face with your opponent and they are clearly attempting to aim and put and as many bullets into you as possible, you need to remember one thing…keep moving. Do not stop moving and attempt to win the gunfight. Your main objective is to move faster than their hand and never allow any of their bullets to hit you. You will do this by strafing around them in a semi-circle. The movement to the side as well and moving close to them will create the illusion that you are moving directly toward them and will throw their aim off considerably. If possible, get completely behind your opponent and finish the job without ever being touched by one of their bullets (nice pwnage.) If you are running down a hallway, use the strafe buttons to sway from wall to wall while never losing momentum. This will enable you to quickly move if an opponent appears and begins firing before he has taken the time to aim accurately.


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Aseem Prakash said...

I have absolutely no clue what you are talking under strategic strafing. Could you explain this maneouver in some more detail? I wonder if it's the same thing as strafing with a pistol. One moves the cursor to the right and strafes to the left to compensate.. then alternates. This is typically done with deagle at medium range.. giving the opponent a hard target. Of course you are shooting also. I understood your first post and have tried it.. i.e. jumping at 90 degrees and then shooting. It has worked well. Thanks.. and kindly explain the strategic strafing as well..

Thanks again..