Monday, March 12, 2007

Confusing Your Counterstrike Opponent

When you are fighting someone, the number one thing they will assume you will always do is. Shoot, run behind the wall, and pop back out 1 second later to fire again. This is a flawed strategy.

First because it requires no thought to determine where you will be next and second, because your opponent is already aiming for you when you appear which fundamentally puts you at a disadvantage.

The first step is to never appear in the same place twice in a row. This way, your opponent never knows where you will be before you appear in that spot. If you decide you just want to get one more shot off and are completely sure you can win the round if you just appear for a quick second then do this. Instead of walking into gunfire (which is what you will do if you come around that corner) confuse your opponent first. Jump facing at a 90 degree angle away from your opponent. This will make it look like you are heading for a flank or at least trying to run. Your opponent will readjust their aim before firing and attempt to shot ahead of you to stop you. When you lad, instantly turn and face your opponent and wet him with his own blood. This works 100% of the time when pulled off correctly.

The smarter thing to do is to head for the furtherst spot away from your opponent. This way, you force him to come to you and the rule is… whoever is running, has the worst aim. Make a point to never head to the same spots or in the same routes over and over again, randomness is your friend. The more random you are, the more confused your opponent will be.

If you have a shotgun and see the chance to switch it up, do it. Change weapons as frequently as possible. This will make you deadlier because you opponent will assume you have a certain weapon and you can surprise him with a short range or long range weapon when the time requires. The element of surprise is worth its weight in gold. If you see them and they don’t see you, hit them with one round to get them to change directions, then flank them for the kill.

Positioning is also a major confusing factor. Most people stay low or always go high, be random. Go high and low randomly, have your opponent thinking you play a certain way and then completely change it up and catch them for guard completely. Sometimes it’s good to act like a newbie and let your opponent think you suck just to feel them out. Camp, then don’t camp randomly. This will make your opponent think you don’t have any skills, but the trick is to surprise him when he least expects it and be waiting for him right where he has shown you he will appear over and over. Most players will do the same thing over and over so, just a little randomness will cause a great deal of confusion very quickly.


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