Sunday, March 11, 2007

Advanced Counterstrike Aiming Tactics

There is only one way to hit a target… aim! That sounds easier than it really is. When you have someone shooting back at you, and often you are moving while trying to aim at your opponent, it can get challenging.

When you come into contact with an opponent in counterstrike and you both have seen each other at nearly the same time, you need to think of this moment as an old fashion western gun fight. Now you have two choices, you can pull the trigger and hope one of the many bullets you throw at them hit your opponent, but… there is a better way. Take .5 seconds and aim for the upper body, it takes 1 to 3 bullets to kill your opponent in the upper body and 3 to 8 bullets if you hit them below the waist. So if you don’t hit them in the head, you will at least kill them much faster than if you hit them below the waist. And, since this is a fight to the death, you definitely want to kill them before they kill you.

Now, if you are running, you need to be ready to hit your opponent at all times. Most of your opponents will run, and when they see you, they will aim and attempt to kill you. But, if you want to have the upper hand, you need to take one crucial step out of that equation. While running, you need to be constantly guessing where you opponents will be. That way, if your opponent does appear from around that corner. You will have about a .2 to .5 second head start on shooting. This can mean you squeeze off 1 to 3 rounds before you opponent fires a single round.

When you are firing, your gun will move depending on the type of gun and how you are firing the rounds. So, when you are firing, pay close attention to where the bullets are landing. If you see the bullets going somewhere other than into your opponent stop firing for a brief moment. Just enough for your scope to realign, and then put enough bullets into your opponents to claim a kill and move onto your next conquest.

When you really want to confuse your opponent you need to ad a jump to your motion. But when you jump, you need to do something special while you aim. If you want to hit your opponent while you jump you have to pull the trigger before you hit the climax of your jump. Once you begin falling, you have absolutely no control over where your bullets will go. So, you have to aim--jump--shoot in the same motion or at least very close to being one motion. This will stun or if you are lucky, kill your opponent and give you time to land and finish the job if necessary.

It also helps to make the crosshair translucent, this way you can see your target, bullets and exactly where you are aiming more closely, and more accurately. Most importantly, take your time, careful aiming before you begin shooting is the most powerful way to wet your opponents with their own blood. When you are moving, your crosshair gets bigger; this is letting you know that your aim is going to be off. So, when you see an enemy, stop for a moment and let your crosshair get small. This way you have perfect aim while you take your opponents head off. But, most times you don’t want to just stand there while your opponent fires more rounds at you simultaneously. So here is what you do.

When you see your opponent, begin aiming, at the same time, stop pressing your motion arrow (this will cause you to loose momentum, but not too much, just enough for your crosshair to adjust) then strafe in either direction. When you strafe, there is a brief pause, this pause before your momentum is gained, gives you just enough time to squeeze off a highly targeted round or two.


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